This Minecraft Update was…


This Minecraft Update was…

Updates for Minecraft are usually exciting times for players. But this update was created entirely by artificial Intelligence. While this isn't the first instance of AI being used to play with the sandbox, it is the first time that AI has been used for creating exciting and game-breaking new features.

SystemZee, which you may be familiar with from their amazing ocean redesign, decided that it would be fun to let an AI design an update they and their team would implement. Things get a lot more crazy after the first suggestion (below) about a crafting table.

A wishing well that grants random items to players when they throw in an emerald can be useful, but our favorite is the Lava Bow which shoots an archer that leaves behind lava bricks. This sounds great, but it can also be a game-ending weapon. It can accidentally decimate entire areas and your computer in seconds. It's pretty, though. It is beautiful though.

Oh, and Minecraft: World Domination is the name of the update. It's less a Freudian slip than a statement of intent. The AI also came up with that name. This name ties in with some of the more dangerous and disturbing new additions to this fake update. Your toaster might be plotting against your face if it looks at you funny.