The Best in Minecraft Server Hosting


The Best in Minecraft Server Hosting

We are gamers too and know how frustrating it can be to experience lag and crashes.

We don't overburden our servers like other Minecraft server hosting companies. This means that we average 12 customers per device. This allows your instance access to more CPU cores and disk IOs. You will be protected against common headaches like crashes and lag with more power per user.

3.8+ GHz Processor / CPU Our servers use a majority of an Intel(r), Xeon(r), E-2174G or similar.

This RAM is highly clocked and error-correcting at 64GB ECC RAM Error Correcting RAM. It is designed for stability and high speed performance.

Enterprise Grade Solid State Drives (SSD). We use Enterprise SSDs for all our customer's game servers.

Enterprise Grade Hard Disk. We host our game servers on the SSD. However, backups and other files that are not required by your server are run on standard drives.

DDoS Protection and High Performance Network DDoS attacks pose a constant threat for game servers. Our network is designed to withstand network attacks.