Navigating the .minecraft Folder: Finding Your Saved Servers List


Minecraft is a game that encourages exploration not only within its blocky worlds but also behind the scenes, where files and folders hold crucial information about your gameplay experience. One such piece of information that players often seek is the location where Minecraft stores the list of saved servers. In this article, we'll embark on a journey into the .minecraft folder, uncovering the secrets of where your saved server list is stored and how you can access it.

Minecraft Server List

The .minecraft Folder: A Peek Behind the Scenes

The .minecraft folder is a directory on your computer that contains essential files and data related to your Minecraft gameplay. It serves as the repository for your game settings, resource packs, world saves, and more. To access this folder, follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft: Launch the Minecraft game on your computer.

  2. Access the Options Menu: Once in the game, click on "Options" from the main menu.

  3. Navigate to Resource Packs: From the options menu, select "Resource Packs."

  4. Open Resource Pack Folder: At the bottom of the resource packs screen, you'll find a button labeled "Open Pack Folder." Click on it.

This action opens the .minecraft folder on your computer.

Server List

Locating Your Saved Server List

Now that you've accessed the .minecraft folder, you'll need to navigate a bit further to find your saved server list. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Servers Folder: Within the .minecraft folder, look for a directory named "servers." This folder stores information about the servers you've added to your list.

  2. Access the Servers Folder: Open the "servers" folder to reveal its contents.

Inside the "servers" folder, you'll find subfolders named with a combination of numbers and letters. Each of these subfolders represents a different server you've added to your Minecraft server list. To locate a specific server's details, you can examine the contents of these subfolders.

Minecraft Folder

Understanding Server Data Files

Within each subfolder in the "servers" directory, you'll typically find the following files:

  • icon.png (optional): This file contains the server's icon image, which you may see next to the server's name in your Minecraft server list.

  • icon.png.lock (optional): If the server has an icon, you may find a corresponding .lock file that accompanies it.

  • server.dat: This file contains essential information about the server, including its address (IP or domain) and port.

By opening the server.dat file with a text editor (such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on macOS), you can view and edit the server's details. This file stores information in a structured format that Minecraft understands, allowing you to customize the server's name, address, and other settings.

Editing Your Saved Server List

To edit your saved server list, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "servers" folder: Open the .minecraft folder and access the "servers" directory as previously described.

  2. Locate the server you want to edit: Enter the subfolder that corresponds to the server you wish to modify.

  3. Edit the server.dat file: Open the server.dat file with a text editor and make the desired changes. You can modify the server's name, IP address, port, and other details.

  4. Save your changes: After making edits, save the server.dat file.

  5. Relaunch Minecraft: Restart the Minecraft game to see the changes reflected in your server list.

Navigating the .minecraft folder to find your saved server list is a useful skill for any Minecraft player who wants to manage their server connections or customize server details. By exploring this behind-the-scenes directory, you can gain greater control over your Minecraft server list and tailor your multiplayer experience to your preferences. So, go ahead and venture into the .minecraft folder, uncover your saved server details, and embark on countless adventures in the online world of Minecraft.

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