Minecraft 1.19


Minecraft 1.19

Are you looking for more information about the Minecraft 1.19 update. Minecraft 1.19 is the latest version. It allows us to explore new biomes, make new friends, and adds many blocks to our game. The Wild Update is focused on two types of wild: exploring the great outdoors and exploring the darker corners of the dark. The new swamp biome will feature tall Mangrove trees and the Deep Dark biome will have terrifying Warden enemies.

The Wild Update is now available, and you can start playing it right away! We have gathered everything we know about Minecraft's latest additions, including the frog mobs, mangrove trees, as well as the Allay. We have everything we know about the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update.

When did Minecraft 1.19 launch?

Minecraft 1.19 was launched on June 7, 2022. We had hoped to wait until later in the year for a release, but Mojang surprised us by dropping the June date at the end May. The Wild Update is available for both Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions.

What's new in 1.19

Here's a quick overview of the Wild Update:

Warden: The blind, huge enemy of the Deep Dark biomeFrog. A new passive animal mob that eats slime
Tadpole: The baby form of a frog found in the water is called the Tadpole.
Allay: A passive helper mob that gathers items for you

Deep Dark: An underground biome filled with sculk blocks, where Wardens live
Ancient City: A structure found in the Deep Dark

Mangrove log & stripped mangrove log
Mangrove wood & stripped mangrove wood
Mangrove roots and muddy mangrove root
Mangrove items: button, pressure plate and boat
Mud and packed mud are the same thing: wet dirt
Mud bricks are made from packed mud
Mud brick blocks: Stairs and walls, slabs
Sculk: Ground blocks found in Deep Dark
Sculk catalyst: When a mob dies close to it, the sculk spreads
Sculk shrieker is a block that detects noise and alerts Wardens to your presence
Froglight is a term that occurs when a frog consumes a small amount of magma cubes

Mangrove propagule: A mangrove tree's seed, which is found growing from its leaves
Goat horn: A horn that produces one of eight sounds when a goat rams on a tree.
Music Disc 5: New tunes!
For long gathering trips, boat with chest

Minecraft 1.19 Mangrove Swamp Biome

A new version of one of Minecraft's oldest biomes is now available. Mangrove Swamp's new biome is full towering mangrove trees, tons mud blocks, and those new Frog Mobs.

Mangrove Trees

Minecraft now has a new type of tree: the mangrove. Mangroves have vines that hang from their leaves in the same way as swamp trees. They also have large, arching roots you can walk on and swim under. Mangroves can be planted in water or on land. This is what makes them so special. They will have a base of root blocks underneath their main mangrove wood trunks when they grow. Mangroves have their own wood type.

Mud Blocks

You will also notice that the ground in mangrove swamp biome doesn't contain dirt blocks. It is actually covered in mud. You can make new Mud Blocks simply by placing a water bottle on the dirt. You can also place mud blocks on top the Dripstone Cave biome's new dripstone. This will dry your mud block and make it clay. This is a renewable source of clay-neat. You can now farm your own clay-neat instead of relying on every water source that is available.

Minecraft 1.19: New mobs

Frogs and Tadpoles

Do not rush out of the mangrove swamps yet! You will want to stop and greet the new frog mobs. Frogs are not like other mobs that have babies that look more like adults. They can also be carried in a bucket, just like axolotls. This will be useful for transporting your little friends to a new place.

There are three types of frogs: tropical, snowy, or swamp. Based on their biome, they will become an adult frog when they reach maturity.

We also discovered that frogs are prone to chomp small Slimes as well as Magma Cubes. This leads to Slime Balls, and the new Froglight product. Froglights can be made in the same colors as the frogs that created them. They function similarly to Sea Lanterns and Glowstone as light-shedding decorations. Slime Balls can also be used to make Leads or Sticky Pistons.

We also alerted Tadpoles, as we discovered that axolotls can eat them, while frogs will not have a predator if they make it that far.


The Allay is a friendly little mob that Minecraft players chose during the 2021 Minecraft live poll. It is a cute, flying blue creature that loves to collect things. It will return items to you if it finds similar items nearby. The Allay loves music so you can use a Note Block for a different drop point. They can be rescued at Woodland Mansions or Pillager Outposts.

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark biome & Wardens

The original plan for Minecraft's dangerous Warden mob was to be released in the 1.18 update. However, it has been delayed to the Wild Update 2022. The Deep Dark biome that we had previously seen has been expanded. Mojang took a deep dive into the Deep Dark biome and it's now looking even scarier than ever before.

The Sculk Shrieker blocks, which emit a screech when activated, make the Deep Dark even more frightening. They also create a darkness effect in the surrounding area. You will need to quickly get away from the Sculk Shrieker, as it can make a loud noise that could attract Wardens.

As we know, Warden mobs can be very, very dangerous. They will hunt down players using sound. The Shrieker's pulsing dark effect makes the Warden's stomping sound like something from a horror movie. The Warden's new video shows one tunnel through the ground using sculk blocks. This is very frightening.

The large, ancient structures of cities that can be found in the Deep Dark are also new to the area. Mojang suggests that there may be a structure in the middle of every city that holds its own secrets. The Sculk Catalysts are also worth your attention. If an enemy dies nearby one, it will convert blocks on the ground into Sculk Blocks. You can then mine these blocks to gain experience.

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