Kitchen in Minecraft?


Kitchen in Minecraft?

Gather any other materials. There are many materials you can use to make a beautiful kitchen in Minecraft. They are constantly adding new materials. Here's a list of items you might like to add to your kitchen, along with where to find them: – Iron: Iron can be used for making buttons, buckets, cauldrons (for sinks), and steel doors. Iron ore is mined using a stone pickaxe. The iron is then melted using a furnace to make Iron bars.

– Sand: Sand can be found along rivers and lakes. It is mined with a shovel. Sand can be used to make sandstone, which can then be used as counters and floors. It can also be melted in a furnace to make glass, which can then be used to make windows.

Granite: Granite is a reddish-colored stone that can be found in caves. You can mine it with a pickaxe. To make polished granite from four granite blocks, you can use a crafting desk.

Clay: Clay is found by mining clay blocks in rivers and lakes using a shovel. It can be used for making clay bricks and clay blocks, which make great counters and walls.

– Nether quartz block: Nether quartz can be used to make nether quartz blocks. Nether quartz is made by melting a nether block of nether quartz in a furnace. You can then turn four pieces of nether quartz into a block of nether quartz using a crafting table.

– Plants: Add some flowers or plants in your kitchen for some extra decoration.