Java Edition Vs Windows


Java Edition Vs Windows

Which version of Minecraft is best for mods, servers, and graphics? We break it down.

Which version of Minecraft is the best? This is a difficult question to answer. The majority of players will answer "whichever version" regardless of which version they are familiar with. What about new players, or players who want to switch platforms? Here's where things get more complicated. Two games with similar features, an ocean full of differences.

Is the original Java Edition the final version? Can Windows 10 Edition's new tech defeat an unbridled behemoth born five years ago? Let's compare the two versions using cutting-edge science (read: opinion and research).

Both Minecraft versions support mods . The Java Edition is available since 2010, while Windows 10 was released in 2015. There are many more mods for the Java Edition. If I may be a bit subjective, the Java Edition mods are of a higher quality than Windows 10. Windows 10 Edition was originally created for mobile devices, so modding will always be a challenge.

Winner: Java Edition

Java Edition is available at a fixed price of PS17.95 in UK, while Windows 10 Edition costs PS22.49 on Windows Store. If you aren't familiar with Google's workings, both cost around $27 in the US. There is one catch. Java Edition can be fully downloaded, with all mods, textures and other Minecraft-related features, without having to pay a penny. You can also download different versions of the above in Windows 10 for free. However, this version also offers optional in-game purchases.

These include map packs, textures, skins, and new game modes. While most people will not be happy about the idea of purchasing Minecraft add-ons, parents should know that Windows 10's third party content has been reviewed by Microsoft. This means that there is no risk of bad things happening and it's safe to play the game.

Winner: Java Edition (unless you're a parent who isn't PC savvy)


Both versions are compatible with keyboard and mouse, but only one supports controllers. Mojang's Java Edition controller support has not been implemented despite it being released in 2010. This will not be an issue for PC-centric gamers, but if you want to make the leap from console gaming to PC, JoyToKey is required to install. On Windows 10 Edition, you can plug in a controller and it will work. Even if you don't use the controller feature often, it's better to have more features than less.

Winner: Windows 10 Edition


Microsoft would not let go of the fact that Minecraft is a 'Better Together.' This is simply false if you have ever played with your children and watched helplessly while they TNT a structure that you spent hours building. So, I was told...

Anyone can join a team with other players on Windows 10, including Android, iOS, Xbox, and, starting in June, the Nintendo Switch. You will need to create a free Xbox LIVE account to play with others, but it's easy.

This feature is not available in Java Edition.


This one is simple and nice. Both versions include servers.

They are huge worlds that have been created online to support large numbers of players. You can think of adventure worlds, PvP and puzzle maps. We're working with two different versions, so Java Edition cannot connect to Windows 10 servers, and Windows 10 cannot connect to Java Edition servers.

It all boils down to which version has the most servers. Java Edition has been around since before the dawn of time so it's natural that there will be more options. The Walking Dead server is an excellent choice.

Parental Controls

Java Edition does not offer parental controls. It basically allows you to turn off chat, only join servers that the parent has checked out, and other general settings like setting real-world screen limits and enforce them. To play online with Windows 10 Edition, you will need an Xbox LIVE account. This gives you the ability to customize privacy settings, alter who your child can interact with, report dickbags easily, and many other benefits.

Winner: Windows 10

Mojang has been releasing updates simultaneously for both Java Edition and Java Edition of Minecraft. Previously, the Java Edition was the most popular version for flashy new content. The launcher's snapshot feature on Java allows you to access the most recent update, while Windows 10 offers an 'Experimental Gameplay' option that works in the same way. You can't go wrong either version if you want to test out the latest additions.

Winner: Draw


It all comes down to the power of your computer. Java Edition can be a nightmare on low-end computers. The rendering distance is shorter, loading large worlds takes longer and is more likely to crash. You don't need a rig powerful enough to run Minecraft (some people don't). The Windows 10 Edition is optimized to run on almost any device.

Java is the best way to push Minecraft to its limits with stunning lighting, realistic textures, and real water physics. This is until the Super Duper Graphics Pack arrives on Windows 10, which offers a huge graphical overhaul. Windows 10 Edition might be able close the gap.